John N Dunn Group Ltd. Plumbing, heating, electrical and renewable energies services.

Service beyond expectations

At John N Dunn customer care and attention comes first. Always looking for high customer satisfaction, our staff attend to every working detail of a contract from start to finish.

Once a contract is awarded, site-specific, detailed work schedules are produced, as well as any in-house design requirements. Together with materials procurement, every working detail is then logged on our IT system.

When a contract is complete, the details are retained for our highly trained and motivated customer care team. Response to any installation issue is rapid and our team resolves the situation with minimal disruption. All of our engineers are top professionals and will discuss with the user what work has been carried out and if any further action is required.

Our IT system collates all the information to close off jobs, send off reports and identify any trends.

Putting all of this together, we can shape our business around our customers' needs and how we can best serve them, aiming to delight rather than simply satisfy customers in the service they receive.