John N Dunn Group Ltd. Plumbing, heating, electrical and renewable energies services.

Project Management

Whenever you engage a partner or supplier, you want to know exactly who you’re talking to and that they have the relevant expertise and dedication to help make your project a success.

So here at John N Dunn we assign a committed contract supervisor to each project, making them responsible for quality of service, delivery and customer contact. In this way, you benefit from having a single point of contact, saving you time and effort, and ensuring that the John N Dunn person you speak to understands the precise requirements of your project right away.

It’s this focus on quality management that means we have a higher ratio of managers to operatives than our competitors, giving us the opportunity to truly work alongside you on every project.

More than that, each of our divisional teams is headed by a divisional production director with deep, long-standing and proven production management skills. This ensures a smooth line of service delivery from you right through to our specialist team of construction buyers and onwards to manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Fundamentally, you need to be sure that contracts are controlled carefully, budgets managed intelligently, timescales are met and supervision is totally professional.

We’re on hand to deliver all of this. And more.