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You may qualify for a full Heating System replacement or Boiler Replacement

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), Affordable Warmth Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners or private landlords as you may be eligible to claim a FREE heating system replacement or boiler replacement.


An Opportunity not to be missed!

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) will be one of the Government's principle tools for driving uptake and will function alongside the Green Deal finance market.  This is an obligation on the six biggest energy companies in the UK to provide around £1.3bn a year, through three subsidy streams, to improve the energy efficiency of the UK's housing stock.

Affordable Warmth is one of these subsidy streams and is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners and private landlords as they may be able to claim a FREE heating system replacement or boiler replacement.

 It will also help landlords meet their requirements under Energy Act which are due to be implemented in April 2016.

Affordable Warmth Obligation

At £350million per year, the Affordable Warmth Obligation is designed to get people out of energy poverty and reduce the number of fuel poor households.  Eligibility is based on homeowners or tenant's financial circumstances and therefore, providing the homeowner or tenants meet with eligibility criteria, the property may be entitled to 100% ECO funding on all insulation and heating measures.

Note:  This obligation is only available to the private-rented and owner-occupied sectors but available across England, Scotland and Wales, irrespective of the property's location.

Affordable Warmth Criteria

Are you the homeowner and do you fall under the below categories?


Are you a private landlord and do your tenants fall under the below categories?Affordable Warmth Criteria

This is not the only qualifying information but if you do have tenants who fall under the above criteria and the properties boiler/heating system has not been replaced in the last 10 years then it is highly likely that you can benefit from this scheme.

For private landlords in order to access Affordable Warmth funding, the tenant will need to be in the property from the day of the assessment until the day of the installation.  If the eligible tenant moves out before the works are installed, the property will no longer by Affordable Warmth eligible and the works will not be able to go ahead.

Gaining Access to ECO Funding

As part of the Green Deal Assessment, the property/tenant will be screened for ECO entitlement and the Recommendations List should contain any ECO eligibility.  Neither homeowners nor Landlords will have to do anything to gain access to ECO funding; this will all be undertaken by the Green Deal Provider.

If you think that you have met the criteria with tenants who meet the above this is an opportunity not be missed.

John N Dunn Group can arrange the Green Deal Assessment, installation and funding.

 Private Landlords - The Energy Act

The Energy Act 2011 includes provisions that will affect the private rented sector - both residential and commercial.  From April 2016, private residential landlords will be unable to refuse a tenant's reasonable request for consent to energy efficiency improvements to a property, where a finance package such as the Green Deal and/or the Energy Company Obligation is available.

Also from April 2018, it will be against the law to rent out either residential or commercial premises where a minimum energy efficiency standard has not been achieved.  The rating that premises will have to meet has not yet been confirmed but the DECC suggests that this is likely to be EPC rating 'E'.  Once this provision comes into force, landlords will not be able to let that property until appropriate certain energy efficiency improvements have been made.  This means that landlords of buildings that are currently rated 'F' have some time to make the necessary improvements.  However, it is important to note that 1 April 2018 is a long-stop date and the rule could be applied earlier than this.

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